There is nothing like home

From all the chaos around the us home is always around us when we feel tired outside home always keeps us inside i love that home wants us to be with it use every corner of the house no complaints no demand just stays with us forever hanging our favorite pictures showcasing our art decoratingContinue reading “There is nothing like home”

loneliness is monster.

Crawling from under your everyday thoughts,Slowly turning your mind upside down,Making you wish for things to end.Standstill. Destroying you from within,A designed killer with a wicked power,Entering your head and spreading dark lies,Afraid to speak out. A sad monster,A weak monster,A scared monster,A hurt monster, It’s name is loneliness.

Are YOU beautiful enough?

I know you have felt alone…Felt like no one cares, someone criticizing you,judging you, smooth skin without pimples,beauty is not designer clothing that makes you a walking billboard, advertisement or inadvertently providing endorsements for companies. Beauty is the good deed you went out of your way to perform,even if its unnoticed or recognized by theContinue reading “Are YOU beautiful enough?”

It’s monday already?

Woke up this mornin’ Still feelin’ a buzz. What day’s it today? Don’t nobody know. Do I got some place to go? Jumped up and stubbed my toe. It’s Monday mornin’! I got an achin’ head. It’s the same day again, another Monday, everyday is Monday The rain is pouring and its Monday, I haveContinue reading “It’s monday already?”

early riser or a night owl

sunrise or sunsetboth of them have some kind of power within itselfsome like it when everyone is asleep, dark and silentsome like it when everyone is round and about and out.morning tea or evening teaboth has its own flavorstudy in the morning or late at nightexercise with fresh air or evening walk to see aroundContinue reading “early riser or a night owl”

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