Hustling for what?

Life is such that everyone wants to reach the finish line. Without seeing anyone, running behind money to taste honey. Everybody wants to be successful. It so intimidating to see people hustling to death. Collecting certificates, licenses, scholarships you name it doing anything, and everything is just to reach the top. People have become soContinue reading “Hustling for what?”

Have gone for a walk alone?

The only time I feel myself,the only time I think,the only time I take my earphone and listen to music, the only time I feel my life going! life is too short to be lived, one day this, one day that boom!time flew by before you know it.Life’s that walk, that you must still go on yourContinue reading “Have gone for a walk alone?”

Dining table talk…

Isn’t dining means a good family timeall food set on the tablemother severing each one of useach and everyone is excited and alive mom and dad flirt like they’re datingme and my brother playing aroundtell me how your day washow was school, how was workfish, again? mom? mom, “I did my best, I’m tired”.do you guys likeContinue reading “Dining table talk…”

WALLS my best-friend

The only person who listens to me but never complains is you my four-cornered wall. Thanks for being my side all the time, when I was sad, happy, goofy, angry whatever it was. you heard my nonstopWalls that were built to protect from the evils of the worldWalls with masks hangingThe thicker the walls becomeEffectively deterring anyoneContinue reading “WALLS my best-friend”

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