Thank you to all who left me,

Thank you to all who left me,Your absence has left me no choice but to find my own way to grow as a person that wouldn’t have been possible if you were there. Thank you for putting me into a situation wherein I thought I would never be able to do a thing alone butContinue reading “Thank you to all who left me,”

life is about exams

Not only do students take their exams in schools or colleges but everyone in their life has some exam to take be it is an interview, promotion, writing documents, interacting with strangers, buying groceries, traveling. Everything that goes on in your life is a tiny little exam that you are giving. Every single day youContinue reading “life is about exams”

Mystery blogger award

My blogging friend dear kitty of the blog has nominated me for the Mystery Blogger Award. Thank you so much for this kind gesture! My answers to your questions are 1.Which country and place do you belong to? Mumbai, India 2.Would you like to go invisible or read others’ minds? I would like to readContinue reading “Mystery blogger award”

There is nothing like home

From all the chaos around the us home is always around us when we feel tired outside home always keeps us inside i love that home wants us to be with it use every corner of the house no complaints no demand just stays with us forever hanging our favorite pictures showcasing our art decoratingContinue reading “There is nothing like home”

tips and tricks to stay productive and motivated in this lockdown specially!

1.dont oversleepsleep, get your rest, sleep is important. in fact, I’m a lover of sleep. so basically I need to sleep for 7 to 8 hours every day. but if I sleep beyond that I feel lethargic, everyone has a different amount of sleep they prefer. 2.don’t get overly comfortable on your bedI do afterContinue reading “tips and tricks to stay productive and motivated in this lockdown specially!”

EAT sprouts – yes you heard me right!

Guess what I have been eating sprout salad in my dinner. look who’s getting healthier yes that’s me, the person who loves street junk food. Fun fact about sprout saladIf you’re trying to lose weight, incorporate sprouts! Sprouts provide the body with the type of enzymes that make carbohydrates and proteins more digestible, maximizing theContinue reading “EAT sprouts – yes you heard me right!”

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