loneliness is monster.

Crawling from under your everyday thoughts,Slowly turning your mind upside down,Making you wish for things to end.Standstill. Destroying you from within,A designed killer with a wicked power,Entering your head and spreading dark lies,Afraid to speak out. A sad monster,A weak monster,A scared monster,A hurt monster, It’s name is loneliness.

Thank you for 500+ followers

This blogging would not have been there if you incredible people didn’t showed me love and support. Really this means a lot to me. This blog is a appreciation to my fellow bloggers who liked my every blog that i posted, commented on them, gave me more knowledge, and the lovely writing you shared andContinue reading “Thank you for 500+ followers”

books that will change your life!!

since my childhood, I spend a lot of time reading goosebumps, diary of a wimpy kid, and i like picture books, those thin wide books remember. to be honest I miss those booksbut since I have grown up my books have also grown up my top 3 books that I just finished reading. I noticedContinue reading “books that will change your life!!”

Songs that never get old!!

Old is gold.1. Akon- beautiful2. pitbull-give me everything3. Elvis Presley- can’t help falling in love.4. green day- 21guns5.Linkin park-numb6.shakira- hips don’t lie7.eagles-hotel California8.david Guetta-titanium9.mettalica-nothing else matters10.timbaland-apologize I can go on and on it never ends. I have always loved music since childhood. the only time I enjoy myself the most.be it I am going toContinue reading “Songs that never get old!!”

Green juice – detoxification

Have green juice every day before breakfast.cucumber-cooling body and helps in weight lossamala/Indian Gooseberry-  good for hairPalak/spinach -high on ironhalf lemon- vitamin cmint leavesgingerwater  grind and strain make a juice out it. that’s it. done! For healthy glowy skin. we should be beautiful from inside right.

early riser or a night owl

sunrise or sunsetboth of them have some kind of power within itselfsome like it when everyone is asleep, dark and silentsome like it when everyone is round and about and out.morning tea or evening teaboth has its own flavorstudy in the morning or late at nightexercise with fresh air or evening walk to see aroundContinue reading “early riser or a night owl”

tips and tricks to stay productive and motivated in this lockdown specially!

1.dont oversleepsleep, get your rest, sleep is important. in fact, I’m a lover of sleep. so basically I need to sleep for 7 to 8 hours every day. but if I sleep beyond that I feel lethargic, everyone has a different amount of sleep they prefer. 2.don’t get overly comfortable on your bedI do afterContinue reading “tips and tricks to stay productive and motivated in this lockdown specially!”

Ideal Inspiration Blogger Award

thank you so much uniquelyfitblog.wordpress.com and bebloggingwithsurvivor.wordpress.com for nominating for ideal inspiration award. i can’t thank more that both of you thought i was worth this. thank you so much. do follow them they have amazing blogs! Rules • Thank the person who have nominated you and provide a link back to his/her blog. • Answer theirContinue reading “Ideal Inspiration Blogger Award”

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