SELF-HELP CHAPTER 1 – 10 ways to live happy.

1. live the moment.  You are a living example of that do you remember the best moment of your life? That reminisce is itself means you have lived that moment. This second is all you have. Make worth it. Have you ever felt good when some person smiles at you?  That good itself is yourContinue reading “SELF-HELP CHAPTER 1 – 10 ways to live happy.”

how did this behavior come?

When you were a newborn baby you needed constant care and notice to stay alive, but at some point, you stopped getting that undivided attention because you didn’t need it anymore. But you still liked other people’s regard (you were a baby after all), and so your clever mind started to test out ways toContinue reading “how did this behavior come?”

100 years to live.

Born and dead, your beginning and your end.what actually comes in between is your life. Remember your 1st friend, your 1st school, your 1st teacher. Well, these are the primary stages of your life, the playschool life. You are 2year old. You don’t actually remember all those things happened but you kind of have aContinue reading “100 years to live.”

life is like a beach, waves come and go

What is life without a mess? Life is not something that is to be just lived it is something where one can be alive. every time I sit on the beach on a Sunday evening when the sun rays hit on my face like a layer of face cream, I simply without any thoughts lookContinue reading “life is like a beach, waves come and go”

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