The Fridge

The best place I visit every timeeven if there’s nothing inside. I’ll open 10times to see if magically some food appearswhenever I’m bored I open my fridge. Every time I open a smile bursts on my face.The fridge light makes them shineA half-empty bottle of beer, relishes, old vegetables and waterMy groaning stomach persuades me toContinue reading “The Fridge”

Train Journey

I just love trainsthe journey just so beautifulSunrise, we boarded the trainWeather was misty, with little rainAt noon, the sun-kissed our skins. The world’s greatest gameis when you miss the stopor when you miss the trainmiserable right? Surrounded by strange people yet feeling alonesome during the journey become friends,going to the same destination and spendingContinue reading “Train Journey”

Are they watching me?

I was walking on the roadI felt somebody watching meI looked behindI saw nothing. You ever felt somebody watching you?while you were talking to someone while you went for a jogwhile you were riding your car. Lurking in the shadowsStreet lights not touching the faceHood upand heads down Like a snakeSlithering into positionCoiled and ready toContinue reading “Are they watching me?”

Depression-underrated overused word

Many people don’t even know that they are depressed. Depression is a monster, demons of darkness, silent screams. What happens is that people will play, laugh, dance, or maybe sing some songs. But the pain keeps on lurking around. It’s only when darkness comes, with all the electrifying powers it gradually takes the body andContinue reading “Depression-underrated overused word”

Quarantine made me learn-opportunity won’t come back

Since we all have been locked up just reminisce about the opportunities you have missed. when your friend called out for a walk and you denied by saying “I have work to do”. or when your mom said let’s take a vacation go out and chill you denied her by saying, ” I am busy”.Continue reading “Quarantine made me learn-opportunity won’t come back”

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