Hustling for what?

Life is such that everyone wants to reach the finish line. Without seeing anyone, running behind money to taste honey. Everybody wants to be successful. It so intimidating to see people hustling to death. Collecting certificates, licenses, scholarships you name it doing anything, and everything is just to reach the top. People have become soContinue reading “Hustling for what?”

life is about exams

Not only do students take their exams in schools or colleges but everyone in their life has some exam to take be it is an interview, promotion, writing documents, interacting with strangers, buying groceries, traveling. Everything that goes on in your life is a tiny little exam that you are giving. Every single day youContinue reading “life is about exams”

Mystery blogger award

My blogging friend dear kitty of the blog has nominated me for the Mystery Blogger Award. Thank you so much for this kind gesture! My answers to your questions are 1.Which country and place do you belong to? Mumbai, India 2.Would you like to go invisible or read others’ minds? I would like to readContinue reading “Mystery blogger award”

Thank you for 500+ followers

This blogging would not have been there if you incredible people didn’t showed me love and support. Really this means a lot to me. This blog is a appreciation to my fellow bloggers who liked my every blog that i posted, commented on them, gave me more knowledge, and the lovely writing you shared andContinue reading “Thank you for 500+ followers”

SELF-HELP CHAPTER 2 – excuses you need to stop.

EXCUSE 1: I don’t have time. Seriously? everyone has the same 24hr you have. you aren’t going to find time to pursue your goals rather make time to pursue your goals. if you really want something you gotta systematically work. EXCUSE 2: I’m scared to fail.Like my whole class saw me failing. because I couldn’t giveContinue reading “SELF-HELP CHAPTER 2 – excuses you need to stop.”

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