Green juice – detoxification

Have green juice every day before breakfast.cucumber-cooling body and helps in weight lossamala/Indian Gooseberry-  good for hairPalak/spinach -high on ironhalf lemon- vitamin cmint leavesgingerwater  grind and strain make a juice out it. that’s it. done! For healthy glowy skin. we should be beautiful from inside right.

EAT sprouts – yes you heard me right!

Guess what I have been eating sprout salad in my dinner. look who’s getting healthier yes that’s me, the person who loves street junk food. Fun fact about sprout saladIf you’re trying to lose weight, incorporate sprouts! Sprouts provide the body with the type of enzymes that make carbohydrates and proteins more digestible, maximizing theContinue reading “EAT sprouts – yes you heard me right!”

Dining table talk…

Isn’t dining means a good family timeall food set on the tablemother severing each one of useach and everyone is excited and alive mom and dad flirt like they’re datingme and my brother playing aroundtell me how your day washow was school, how was workfish, again? mom? mom, “I did my best, I’m tired”.do you guys likeContinue reading “Dining table talk…”

The Fridge

The best place I visit every timeeven if there’s nothing inside. I’ll open 10times to see if magically some food appearswhenever I’m bored I open my fridge. Every time I open a smile bursts on my face.The fridge light makes them shineA half-empty bottle of beer, relishes, old vegetables and waterMy groaning stomach persuades me toContinue reading “The Fridge”

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