Do it your way.

Hustling for what?

Life is such that everyone wants to reach the finish line. Without seeing anyone, running behind money to taste honey. Everybody wants to be successful. It so intimidating to see people hustling to death. Collecting certificates, licenses, scholarships you name it doing anything, and everything is just to reach the top. People have become soContinue reading “Hustling for what?”

Maze life

Life is a maze.Life is a phaseLife is a craze.Life decaysLife can amaze. open your eyes be alert The maze is forever changing.

life is about exams

Not only do students take their exams in schools or colleges but everyone in their life has some exam to take be it is an interview, promotion, writing documents, interacting with strangers, buying groceries, traveling. Everything that goes on in your life is a tiny little exam that you are giving. Every single day youContinue reading “life is about exams”

feel like getting out

don’t know how to start just wanna leave my usual place and just feel like going somewhere far, unknown place just explore live breathe. see something that my eyes have never seen. walk where the road takes me. wear whatever i feel open hair to gulp whatever universe sheds. i want fly, conquer the sky.

loneliness is monster.

Crawling from under your everyday thoughts,Slowly turning your mind upside down,Making you wish for things to end.Standstill. Destroying you from within,A designed killer with a wicked power,Entering your head and spreading dark lies,Afraid to speak out. A sad monster,A weak monster,A scared monster,A hurt monster, It’s name is loneliness.

drink water

I was going to buy a plant for my apartment and then i realized that i don’t even give myself enough water each day.

bright dark

There are two sides to me.There’s the side that is strong and soft, low and introvert, It’s not a split personality.Inside, there are two voices, I’ll call the side that you know, Bright.And the side you don’t, Dark. Bright is the one to sit back,And smile no matter how much she’s in pain. While DarkContinue reading “bright dark”


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