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You are UGLY.

Someone must have stumbled upon this sentence or been told, “You are ugly, you are unattractive.” Some must have judged you for being too fat, too skinny, your nose too big, or your hair too crazy. I can only assume this while I stand naked in front of the mirror looking at my contours and flaws, longingContinue reading “You are UGLY.”

Hello 2021,

A beginning of a new decade, a beginning of the new year, a beginning of new hope. I don’t know what to expect from this year, but it’s really been a roller coaster ride with ups and downs. Every new year, we think we will do something different this year. When the countdown starts, whenContinue reading “Hello 2021,”

Hustling for what?

Life is such that everyone wants to reach the finish line. Without seeing anyone, running behind money to taste honey.  Everybody wants to be successful.  It is so intimidating to see people hustling to their deaths. Collecting certificates, licenses, scholarships, you name it, doing anything and everything is just to reach the top. People haveContinue reading “Hustling for what?”

Maze life

Life is a maze.Life is a phaseLife is a craze.Life decaysLife can amaze. open your eyes be alert The maze is forever changing.

Life is about exams

Students take their exams in schools or colleges, but everyone in their life has some exam to take, be it an interview, promotion, writing documents, interacting with strangers, buying groceries, traveling. Everything that goes on in your life is a tiny little exam that you are giving. Every single day, you are learning without evenContinue reading “Life is about exams”


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