Do it your way.

4 WORD story!!!

“MAKE IT ALL HAPPEN”. yes, in capital letters and ending with a full more to “no”.Just do it, however, it is easy, hard, impossible.your life your rules.Be The trailblazer!

WALLS my best-friend

The only person who listens to me but never complains is you my four-cornered wall. Thanks for being my side all the time, when I was sad, happy, goofy, angry whatever it was. you heard my nonstopWalls that were built to protect from the evils of the worldWalls with masks hangingThe thicker the walls becomeEffectively deterring anyoneContinue reading “WALLS my best-friend”

Homemade hair-mask

For one month I have been using I thought why not share my mother’s recipe for good hair. IN THIS QUARANTINE LET’S TAKE CARE OF OUR-SELF! All you need is 4 ingredients 1 aloe vera juice 1 egg 1 onion juice 1 small bowl coconut milk mix it massage it rest it for an hourContinue reading “Homemade hair-mask”

Simple Life

Many of us are not satisfied with our life, while many people in the world are dreaming of living your life.A child was playing on the farm, he saw a plane fly overhead and he dreamt of flying, while a pilot on the plane sees the farmhouse and he dreams of returning home with hisContinue reading “Simple Life”

All love shopping!!!

Back in the day, the freedom to move out of the house was to buy something. Woman practiced shopping for vegetables and slowlyextended to garments/jewelry/white goods etc.let’s be honest here not only women love to shop but men love it even more.Shopping channel calls to meTo sell me things I do not needMy credit card’s at the limitIContinue reading “All love shopping!!!”

SELF-HELP CHAPTER 1 – 10 ways to live happy.

Originally posted on lifestyle blogs:
1. live the moment. ?You are a living example of that do you remember the best moment of your life? That reminisce is itself means you have lived that moment. This second is all you have. Make worth it. Have you ever felt good when some person smiles at…

The Fridge

The best place I visit every timeeven if there’s nothing inside. I’ll open 10times to see if magically some food appearswhenever I’m bored I open my fridge. Every time I open a smile bursts on my face.The fridge light makes them shineA half-empty bottle of beer, relishes, old vegetables and waterMy groaning stomach persuades me toContinue reading “The Fridge”


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