how did this behavior come?

When you were a newborn baby you needed constant care and notice to stay alive, but at some point, you stopped getting that undivided attention because you didn’t need it anymore. But you still liked other people’s regard (you were a baby after all), and so your clever mind started to test out ways toContinue reading “how did this behavior come?”

Edge of the cliff, one step ahead and you are dead.

I see the edge, one step and I could die. It was a windy day. I hear nothing, I’m sweating yet cold. Excited yet nervous. The tides are furious against the impenetrable walls. What if this is it?  To my left, I see a tourist snapping pictures, and to my right is the Asia, aboveContinue reading “Edge of the cliff, one step ahead and you are dead.”


An unseen placean unseen spacean unseen vibean unseen dine.but everyone on earth knowsthe unseenstrange! No money, no capitalist only it made of gold or silveror is it a city or a gardenour imagination will stay forever nobody knows what’s in there. Heaven in cloudshigh and out of sight.gates wide and in goldangels dressed in white.Continue reading “HEAVEN”

100 years to live.

Born and dead, your beginning and your end.what actually comes in between is your life. Remember your 1st friend, your 1st school, your 1st teacher. Well, these are the primary stages of your life, the playschool life. You are 2year old. You don’t actually remember all those things happened but you kind of have aContinue reading “100 years to live.”

Being independent, free and alive

Have you ever thought of living independently? Wouldn’t that be astounding? Just imagine being out there having your own house, doing your own thing, no one to disturb you, make your own things, decorate as your wish without having any limitations, the proud feeling, the satisfaction, and moving towards your goal. Being independent is likeContinue reading “Being independent, free and alive”

life is like a beach, waves come and go

What is life without a mess? Life is not something that is to be just lived it is something where one can be alive. every time I sit on the beach on a Sunday evening when the sun rays hit on my face like a layer of face cream, I simply without any thoughts lookContinue reading “life is like a beach, waves come and go”

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