Hustling for what?

Life is such that everyone wants to reach the finish line. Without seeing anyone, running behind money to taste honey.

Everybody wants to be successful.

It so intimidating to see people hustling to death.

Collecting certificates, licenses, scholarships you name it doing anything, and everything is just to reach the top.

People have become so busy lost somewhere in the halfway of the jungle, in the depth of the well, in-between faces, jammed in traffic, the crowded train to your destiny. 

Just hustling.

Completing the schedules, assignments, deadlines for what for dollars?

It’s a struggle every day, trying to be in the game, to be at the top of your game or else you will be irrelevant. We stay running in this lane afraid to stop cause if we don’t continue the game we might lose all we got. 

Tired of running, exhausted. Almost dead. 

Isn’t life supposed to be a journey?

Published by Nancy Nelson

Hellow I'm an aspiring lawyer and cs want to do something creative, write blogs on lifestyle, real life stories, fun and interesting blogs!

26 thoughts on “Hustling for what?

  1. I totally agree with you! Especially these lines:

    “Life is such that everyone wants to reach the finish line.”

    “It so intimidating to see people hustling to death.”

    It really does appear odd and crazy when you’re able to have an outside perspective. The most important thing in life is simply being kind to people, and trying to help people. It’s naturally fulfilling.

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  2. Amazing outlook and I agree with you entirely. It is actually so upsetting to see so many people feeling as if their life is determined by how much “success” they have, and feeling bad about themselves if they don’t “stay on top”. Rather than just trying to live a happy life.

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  4. It is so easy to get caught up in the hustle, and then before you know it a year has gone by without those experiences and memories of life which make it all worthwhile. And good for you to write this, for as you say, you are an aspiring lawyer, and my guess is this can be a pretty hustling life 😉 Cheers to knowing and taking the time to enjoy life.

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  5. The people get locked into a mindset pushing them on a continuous treadmill, one that feeds another. All the expense of energy for what at the end of the day. Burned out, sick, without a purpose. Try to enjoy the journey and not the race. Bless you

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  6. It does feel like life is too busy and demanding. I realize that the lives of people in the past used to be much more consumed by work and drudgery. We live in a time of unprecedented leisure. We also live in a time of unprecedented productivity. Productivity is up so much that we should be working like 10 hours per week to earn a living. I really hope that becomes the case at some point, because there is more to life than hustling for money. We’ve got a life to live here!


  7. I honestly LOVE this. Balancing school, hustling with trying to put out good content for my blog, life can be tough! I seriously resonate with this post; leaving your blog with a follow!


  8. If people want comforts of modern world then money is so so important. If people want happy normal life with minimum comforts and simplicity … one can still aspire to leave this rat race. All depends on what one wants … we cannot want iPhone and also not want money at same time :).. unless we are heirs to some big money 😃


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