Just keep going

There are days when you don’t feel well but you still got to move on.

we got no option but to move on.

today was not a good day for me, nothing was going according to my plan. but then i thought hey, its ok sometimes taking a break is a normal thing.

making mistakes or not happening according my way it’s alright some things are meant to happen even if you try hard not to.

just giving a reminder if anyone like me who’s not feeling it’s okay, it’s alright to be upset. It’s not life if there’s no pain.

just keep going!

Published by Nancy Nelson

Hellow I'm an aspiring lawyer and cs want to do something creative, write blogs on lifestyle, real life stories, fun and interesting blogs!

25 thoughts on “Just keep going

  1. Yes, I understand, I’ve been there many times…..however as Christians we need to learn that our ways, our plans, are NOT the Lord’s plans. He will always have a right to change them. We should seek Him out to see why, and find out what His Ways are for our lives…..
    It’s always the battle the “flesh against the Spirit”……in the end “if” we truly be the Lord’s, He shall reveal the why, in His Time, in His Way, according to His Perfect Will and purpose for our lives……we need to just trust in Him, and lean NOT unto our understanding. He desires to separate us from the ways of the World for our good.
    Just ask Him for the Grace to accept, and wait till He answers.
    The Lord bless you…..

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  2. ♡ Acceptance is Accepting Things Turning Out Differently from Our Expectation; aka Fluid Flexible Planning as Opposed to the Rigours of Rigid, Inflexible Planning



  3. It’s important to accept and even take a break sometimes. E.g. I was feeling lousy today and took a break from my workout. But hey I just replaced my rest day 🙂 .. not added to it. It’s the perspective that’s important too 🙂


  4. Truth! You have to push on through the good and the bad. Things keep going and you have to go with them whether you like it or not. But it’s a lot easier if you could with the flow than against it!

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