All love shopping!!!

Back in the day, the freedom to move out of the house was to buy something. 
Woman practiced shopping for vegetables and slowly
extended to garments/jewelry/white goods etc.
let’s be honest here not only women love to shop 
but men love it even more.
Shopping channel calls to me
To sell me things I do not need
My credit card’s at the limit
I know the numbers off by heart
The postman knows me by my name
Everything I needed was half price
So I headed straight to the store
the mall is the place where people come 
to forget they were supposed to buy.
I ventured up and down the isles
Filling my basket with the best of rhyme
I stocked up on love and encouragement
given by the shopkeeper
That’s new.
I needed another closet so we took my brother’s room
It looks like a Dior outlet-store or maybe King Tut’s tomb.
“I think you’ve gotten carried away,”
yes, you are right!

Published by Nancy Nelson

Hellow I'm an aspiring lawyer and cs want to do something creative, write blogs on lifestyle, real life stories, fun and interesting blogs!

6 thoughts on “All love shopping!!!

  1. I hate advertising, shopping, non-essential things and objects, materials, I always limit myself to strictly necessary, because the time lost in the shops is precious, priceless, and its loss means stagnation, degradation, spiritual poverty…I think shopping is typical of women.

    Eternal blessings, beautiful soul !

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  2. Ha….ha…’ve got that right, this man also had a love for shopping, and I enjoyed browsing also! It was great to hang around with lady friends, because I never got bored shopping with them, and they enjoyed me enjoying it!
    I can totally relate, but by the Grace of God, I do not need to do it very often these days, because HE is all I need today. I’ve learned to be content…..
    There is so much more freedom in letting go as we mature in years!
    Lord bless you!


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