SELF-HELP CHAPTER 3 – 5 behaviors to achieve your dreams.

1. Learn to say no.

If you don’t like doing anything just say no, do you know? you’re “maybe” is a “no” only.To stay organized respond asap, be polite, but honest, be firm. don’t waste your and their time. Stick to your guns. say no with effectiveness.

2. Embrace your ambition.

Ambition is not a dirty word.Ambitious people work to learn more, do more, grow more, and create opportunities for the people around them to do the same.

3. Ask help if need

You can’t know everything.  If you need to, raise your hands and ask help, regardless of what anyone else thinks about it.

4. Stop asking permission

If you want to do something then go for it. There may be people who would not want you to do certain things, or it might be that you are causing inconvenience to them. it’s your dream to be whatever you want. 

5. Choose a dream and go all in it.

you. can. only. focus. on. one. at. a. time.

You have to have the leverage .you have to know your why or you will never make a change. you have to know what to focus on, or you will never make progress.

This was the last chapter of self help.

Tell me what else you want me to write. I’ll definitely do it. Once again thank you so much for reading this has helped me i hope it does for you the same. your beautiful comments makes my day.

for chapter 2 SELF-HELP CHAPTER 2 – excuses you need to stop.

for chapter 1 SELF-HELP CHAPTER 1 – 10 ways to live happy.

Published by Nancy Nelson

Hellow I'm an aspiring lawyer and cs want to do something creative, write blogs on lifestyle, real life stories, fun and interesting blogs!

12 thoughts on “SELF-HELP CHAPTER 3 – 5 behaviors to achieve your dreams.

  1. Interesting I know how important it is for people to say No. But for social reasons we often say yes, you can’t say No all the time. In the self improvement area I think it is more important to focus on saying YES, say yes to trying new things and to embrace the possibility of failure.
    I agree say No when you need to and I know we are really in agreement. I am thinking about the quote: in ten years you will have more regret about the things you didn’t do (didn’t say Yes) than the things you did (didn’t say no).

    Liked by 1 person

  2. “Now these three remain: faith, hope and love, but the greatest of them is love”
    I would say that the essential subject remains timeless… Love! 🙂
    Eternal blessings beautiful soul !


  3. Nancy, word. Spot on, quick and clear reminders. I have been lucky having a stubborn streak, and now I find it interesting the ways both good and bad people try to steer people away from our dreams. But ultimately it rests with us to say no.

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