SELF-HELP CHAPTER 2 – excuses you need to stop.

EXCUSE 1: I don’t have time. Seriously? everyone has the same 24hr you have. you aren’t going to find time to pursue your goals rather make time to pursue your goals. if you really want something you gotta systematically work.

EXCUSE 2: I’m scared to fail.
Like my whole class saw me failing. because I couldn’t give a speech. no kidding I fumbled, I was embarrassed. don’t be that girl. be afraid of never achieving anything at all because you were too afraid of what others might think of you for trying.

EXCUSE 3: I’m not enough.
A lot of people say I’m not thin enough, I’m not pretty enough,, I’m not intelligent enough. it’s all perception. it’s all that you believe is true. you can’t live your life for their opinion, you also can blame them. you need to embrace yourself. the way you are.

EXCUSE 4: I can’t pursue my dreams.
Ladies and Gentlemen, you get one chance at this, literally only once chance. you have no idea when your chance might be over. you can’t waste it living only for everyone else.

EXCUSE 5: it’s been done before.
We look at other’s life and their success and stop yourself from achieving .because its already done. well, it is done but everything has done before dating, white jeans, bangs, winged eyeliner. if something else is done then you can research, make your own theories. Be the trailblazer meaning the innovator.

EXCUSE 6: what will they think.
It doesn’t matter what they think it only matters what you think of you. someone else opinion only holds power if you allow it. if you step intentionally begin to live without obsessing over what other people think, it will be the most freeing decision of your life.

EXCUSE 7: that’s not what other people do.
This is too bold, too weird, too obnoxious. sit down. be quiet. all this voice is the hardest thing to fight against. be different. if you really wanna be the change.

EXCUSE 8: I’m not a goal-oriented person.
You should have one even if you’ve never been able to focus on one before, develop the habit and become the person you wanna be.

EXCUSE 9: good people don’t hustle
People like Malala Yousaf Zai, Beyonce, Nelson Mandela these people didn’t take up the expectations given by willing to go after, wiling to audaciously take chance to live into full potential is worth any backlash that comes our way.

i just want people to try out different things blogging was something i never thought i could. i love sharing that has helped me grow. so don’t make any excuses just do it.

This self help chapter 2 was highly inspired by rachel hollis book ‘girl, stop apologizing’.

for chapter 1 – SELF-HELP CHAPTER 1 – 10 ways to live happy.

Published by Nancy Nelson

Hellow I'm an aspiring lawyer and cs want to do something creative, write blogs on lifestyle, real life stories, fun and interesting blogs!

36 thoughts on “SELF-HELP CHAPTER 2 – excuses you need to stop.

  1. I can totally relate to this.. Because I have many times gave such kind of excuses to myself whenever I feel low, or get judged by people.
    I am happy you shared this. So much positivity you gave me already. Thanks dear.. Keep going. 👍💕

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  2. We come to this dimension with a perfect genetic program, but which is erased and restored to us by the Laws “man of lawlessness” fallen from the grace of God.
    For the earthly nature covets against the Spirit, and the Spirit, against the earthly nature; are things against each other, so you can’t do everything you want. If you are guided by the Spirit, you are not under the Law.
    Eternal blessings, beautiful souls !

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  3. Once again I found your post very inspiring and interesting. I am keeping a list so I can review them and write about them. I also have written down your post so if I do a blog I can link back to you.
    I have been a Toastmaster since 2006 and I encourage others to join. It takes so little time but I hear so many excuses. I also hear the stories from people who have joined, some stay a year,others decades. The people who join without a doubt all appreciate what they learn, and self confidence growth along with the people.
    But it’s not just toastmasters, it’s the excuses people make, and I make too about not traveling or fill in the blank. I am so glad for all the things I have tried, 10K races, tai chi, yoga, long bike trips – and a regular theme for me now is to avoid regrets. I think it was Mark Twain that said it is more likely we will look back in ten years and regret much more the things we didn’t do, than the things we did.

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  4. Yeah you’re absolutely right! We need to stop making cliche excuses for not doing something and instead just go for it. If we look for excuses we will find a million as to why we shouldn’t do something but instead of looking for excuses we need to count the reasons why we should do something.


  5. When I first told my sister I wanted to blog after my husband passed away two years ago she told me “no one wants to hear you crying about your dead husband.” 800+ followers later…..I’m glad I listened to myself!


  6. Thanks for sharing all this. I need to incorporate it all in my life now. That fear of failing is so real, but it’s almost senseless to fear something until it comes in front of you. Especially since most times it ends up being better than you think. Excuse 4,5,6 seems like a problem for most writers.


  7. Great post, Nancy! It is very difficult to keep up with technology, but I am glad I “got over it” enough to add a blog to my website.

    Best wishes in your career. You write well, and that is an important skill for a lawyer.


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