100 years to live.

Born and dead, your beginning and your end.
what actually comes in between is your life.

Remember your 1st friend, your 1st school, your 1st teacher.

Well, these are the primary stages of your life, the playschool life.

You are 2year old. You don’t actually remember all those things happened but you kind of have a gist of how you were when you were a baby. That cry for ice cream even though you had a cold, that cry for picking you up by your mom because you never liked walking basically talking efforts, just to be covered with warm hands of your mother, the homework being done by your mom by holding your hands, the innocence. That stage escalated so quickly like finishing your favorite chocolate ice cream before it melts and ruins. Those seconds were the best. 

 And finally, you are in grade 1, you are 5year old, its kind of a big deal cmon, like going to a proper school for like 12years. the same routine you get up early nag about why do we have to go to school, why morning, and finally, when you reach school you are a different person altogether. some are the so-called nerds who are behind teachers and ask questions which are not even relevant like what is your age ma’am, can you sing, when are you leaving the class, when can we have a break. Let’s be honest guys we really irritated and tormented our teachers and they have left our class because of the Ruckus we created in the class. The backbenchers who claimed that they are the heroes of the class. Ever had the joy of covering your notebooks with brown paper and writing your name with the best handwriting that you could possibly have, the rockets you made in the class, the pen fight, the love percentage game, the most important the sharing of your tiffins. How can we forget our uniforms? though shitty, we still had to wear them. The last and the first day of school both ended in crying and now here you are smiling.You wanted to be an adult back then and now you’re one.

Let’s sink in.

Now, you are 18 years old trying to find your niche and going to college.Some people say that college life is the best life one could ever possibly have. Life is too short. One day you are 13 and before you know it, you are 20. And in your 3rd year of your undergrad doing best to stay close to your friends, hanging out becomes a routine after college. Bunking class was like a game for you very easy peasy. Then you realize you are out of college too. Now things have started getting more serious, suddenly your aims and goals have started to shoot your head, you want to make money, start some business. Before you try to ponder about how life is to be all flashbacks start coming.where are my friends, do I have any? what is a stressfree life? have I forgotten to live? what is happening?

The process of introspection and retrospection has kicked in like medicine, you start to realize that you are aging now. You are 29. It’s almost time to get married and settle down. All the Goodlife is gone to hell. It is just your job and your family.

Then your 50 comes as if you are on a time machine. Wait I’m 50-year old I gotta still achieve more and in that hustle, you retire. You are 70 now and then you start thinking. Is my life over?   Nobody knows if you were to live till 100 or before or after.

Each and everyday matters, every second counts. Time is clicking what are you waiting for. Let’s all sink in together. 

Published by Nancy Nelson

Hellow I'm an aspiring lawyer and cs want to do something creative, write blogs on lifestyle, real life stories, fun and interesting blogs!

14 thoughts on “100 years to live.

  1. Funny how we are all rushing to grow up until we hit 40 and then we wish things would slow down. As Mom always said to me “Don’t wish your life away.”Now at 67, I realize that truth.


  2. Well I am 71 and I have survived two potentially life threatening illnesses. So I celebrate every day. I want to be that woman who slides into death saying:”Whoooo Hoooo! What a ride!”


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