Being independent, free and alive

Have you ever thought of living independently?

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Wouldn’t that be astounding? Just imagine being out there having your own house, doing your own thing, no one to disturb you, make your own things, decorate as your wish without having any limitations, the proud feeling, the satisfaction, and moving towards your goal. Being independent is like a bird out of his cage. free and wild filled with fire, passion, zest to achieve the greatest. Your soul is happy now. We don’t need anyone, we are self-sufficient. when someone puts you down, just smile and walk off.

Just imagine you build your own house with your sweat, worked hard day and night, and when you finally reach a position where nobody can question you, make dollars and spend like its nobodies business that’s noteworthy feeling, come on who likes to be under some boss telling you what to do. We all need to get out alone, there’s nobody but is you who gotta do this. Being alone is nothing wrong only courageous people can stand-alone out of the crowd.Just go out, walk, drive, see your own city be thirsty just like when a fish is caught on the net, and tries to jump back into the water, “to live again”, you see, that THIRST.

A funny story, a true story that I have always imagined myself going to some Himalaya for self attainment and peace like Rishikesh, Dharamshala, Andana, blablabla…yes, guys, I have done some research work on these places!Won’t that be amazing to go somewhere far away from all the chaos, just explore, I’m even ready to give up the phone just me and my soul in some psychedelic place like for a month or so. Just imagine when you come out of there you will be such a different human being wanting to fly high again, a free spirit.I know there will be many of you who want to just run away and start something fresh, something new just like me, u can also join me in my future sessh of sanyas.just kidding.And to those who haven’t thought of it just ponder about it, don’t you wanna do something different, something out of the box. it may sound crazy but do you wanna spend the rest of your life with some 9 to 5 job??

Go Ahead LIVE for yourself, cause this is what life is, you never know what happens next, its a roller coaster ride and you are on it and you can’t even escape.

Published by Nancy Nelson

Hellow I'm an aspiring lawyer and cs want to do something creative, write blogs on lifestyle, real life stories, fun and interesting blogs!

10 thoughts on “Being independent, free and alive

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